One-week long appointment at our temporary home CASA MARSILI

LAUNCH MARSILI#1 Everyone is welcome to enjoy traditional food served in our latest conical dinnerware inspired by Marsili, the undersea Thyrrenian volcano.

RADIO MARSILI exclusive 24/7 h radio show in collaboration with Painè Cuadrelli

MARSILI NIGHTS live performances
18th JULY
Robert  Lippok and Giuseppe Cordaro
19th JULY
Painè Cuadrelli

MARSILI DIARY stories, images and contributions from all the friends and guests of Casa Marsili

Marsili project would have not been possible without:

Alessandra Meloni, Caterina Viganò, Emanuele Zagor Treppiedi, Fiorucci Art Trust, Gioacchino, Marina La Verghetta, Martina Merlini, Milovan Farronato, Radio Stromboli, Stefania,

Special thanks to IL CAFFE’ ITALIANO